Joyce Benjohnson
Kathy 1958

Instructions for adding photos

  Tips on Uploading Photos
1. Choose a photo in which your face can be clearly seen
2. Avoid small photos. Your photo must be at least 150 pixels wide x 150 pixels high. For best results, a photo we recommend a picture that is at least 400 pixels wide and 400 pixels high.
3. Please make sure that your photo is upright and features you pictured from the front. Group photos may be accepted provided that you are clearly indicated in the photo description and that there are no more than 3 people in the picture.
4. When scanning and uploading your photo, remember to crop out the "white space" around the image or your photo will appear smaller and the file size will be increased.
5. Try to select a photo that was taken recently, it's always better to choose a picture that represents you well.
6. Last but not least, remember that a smiling face usually attracts more attention!
  What to Avoid
1. Select a well-lit photo that allows other members to see you clearly. Photos that have poor lighting or that are over-exposed may not be accepted.
2. We do not accept:
  Pictures containing URL's or contact   Photo collages
  information   Landscape photos
  Nude or sexually suggestive pictures   Pets
  Obscene or offensive photos   Childhood photos
  Profane hand gestures   Photos of inanimate objects
  Illegal acts or contraband and graphic images   Specific body parts such as tattoos or body piercing
  Cartoons   Artwork
  Copyrighted images or photos of celebrities