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Terms of Use

Dating Hooneey.com and conditions of use
All forms of relationship are free of charge
Terms of Use

1.Internetový familiarization hooneey.com portal ("the portal") is intended for the public - individuals and legal entities (hereinafter referred to as "user").
2. Basic services on the portal are provided to users free of charge.
3.Platené services are charged according to current price list.
4.Prevádzkovateľom portal company DAMI SK (hereinafter "operator").
5.Používateľ agrees to the terms of use, although registering via the Facebook button.

User registration

1.Používateľ is required to fill in the data in the forms truthfully.
2.Používateľ must complete the 18th year of life.
3.Používateľ notes that the registration (my account) may be removed in your account settings.
4.Prevádzkovateľ may revoke or restrict user access in case of violation of the conditions. The operator may store the information that the user provided on the portal, including the IP address of the computer user. These data, the operator must maintain safety reasons.
5.Používateľ is required when changing conditions of use and customize the data within 14 days of the change.


1.Email address entered by the user during registration is not visible to other users.
2.Vek calculated based on the user's date of birth is displayed to other users.
3.Používateľ Provides operator information, private information, including personal data under sec. Law no. 428/2002 Z.z. on Personal Data Protection, as amended (hereinafter referred to as "personal information" and "Law on the Protection of Personal Data"), in order to provide services to users on the portal, making available these data to other users of the portal and records indefinitely while the user agrees to the operator of these data are processed and dispose of them in accordance with the laws on personal data protection in the case of personal information.
4.Používateľ may request removal of personal data. The operator has to remove the data 30 days after receiving a request to email: webmaster (at) hooneey.com

Rules for the use of the portal and obligations of the user

1.Používateľ notes that the use of portal services to be made on the level and according to moral principles.
2.Pouzivateľ may not behave in conflict with generally binding legal regulations and the Slovak Republic and / or general morality.
3.Používateľ does not make a claim to receive royalties for his contributions published on the website.
4.Prevádzkovateľ may revoke or restrict user access in case of violation of the conditions. Operator reserves the right to block access, disable or delete the IP address account used for any reason. Any initiative breach of the conditions under consideration.
5.Používateľ takes full responsibility for his actions on the portal.

User shall not in any way or form

1. open or hidden form incite hatred or discrimination based on language, national or social origin, nationality or ethnic group, race, color, sex, religion or belief, political or other opinion.
2. Use vulgar, phrases or other words or phrases of sign, the direct or indirect meaning is contrary to the generally accepted social morality and ethics. In case
3. Doing promote war or describe cruel or otherwise inhuman conduct in a manner that is inappropriate to their belittlement, approval or excuse;
4. Doing promoting open or hidden through the use of drugs, alcohol, alcoholism, smoking, poisons and precursors or trivialize the consequences of the use of those substances;
5. Doing promoting open or hidden form of a political party or its officials, child pornography, violence, weapons and ammunition, medicines obtained without a prescription and veterinary prescription that may contain psychotropic and narcotic substances obtained without bound prescription and which are reimbursed by health insurance under a separate regulation and medicines not registered in the Slovak Republic, in which mention is made of the effects of drugs for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, severe infectious diseases, tumor diseases, chronic insomnia, metabolic disorders and mental illnesses.
6. advertises open or hidden form of products or services to any natural or legal person. In the event of any illegal granting ad or post your operator may charge a fee for publication.
7. Doing promote and carry out any action which is contrary to the law and regulations of the Slovak Republic. Each user takes responsibility for his contributions
8. Gate in debates in a discussion forum and a portal to other users or distort competition. User shall not harass or harm other users and operators.
An email
The user registration at the website Hooneey.com allows the operator to send it to the following email address email. Emails are divided into two groups:
1.Newslatter - the user can be switched off in the user's account.
2.Notifikácie - these include notification of new mail, new contacts, weekly news, notifications of response in the forum. The user can be switched off in the user's account.

The requirements for adding photos:

1.Pravidlá for adding photos, apply to all photos that the user adds to the portal.
2. Users can not add photos to the portal to which no copyright or author's consent, which are contrary to morality and generally binding legal regulations and procedures of the Slovak Republic, including the erotic and pornographic photos and videos.
3.Požiadavky the main profile photo:
-on the photo is the person whose account is created, with more than one person in the photo must be clear about which person is concerned
-You're easily recognizable and your face is clearly visible
It does not contain erotic, or other inappropriate content or immoral

1.Prevádzkovateľ not responsible for the content of any posts, photos, or for the debate and the content of the debates on the portal.
2.Prevádzkovateľ user does not guarantee error-free, uninterrupted functionality and portal security.
3.Používateľ agrees to receive the operator messages and e-mails about news.
4.Prevádzkovateľ accepts no responsibility for data stored on servers when it comes to any intrusion, damage or leakage of such data.
5.Prevádzkovateľ not responsible for any damage or consequences that could be caused to the user in connection with using the portal. Each user uses the site at your own risk. Operator is not responsible for any damages directly or indirectly incurred in connection with using the portal.
6.Prevádzkovateľ has the right to shut down servers without notice. Operator is not responsible for damages incurred due to partial or total failure server even if the user has purchased some of the paid services the user has no claim for refund of the fee for the service.
7.Prevádzkovateľ not liable for violation of intellectual property rights or other rights of users.
8.Prevádzkovateľ can distribute to users information portal with emails údajmy about users that provide users with the public on the portal. E.g. Information email to user photos.
9.Prevádzkovateľ not to users or third parties in connection with services provided on the portal in addition to the obligations specified in these rules any obligations.